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Wayne Engineering

Wayne’s existing small-body rear and side loaders have received various engineered enhancements, as has the Curbtender – now considered one of the most advanced automated side loaders on the market. Our new engineering team also launched several new products, including the commercial-class Titan front loader and Phoenix full-size rear loader. The Arlock one-man commercial container handling system was introduced as an option for the Phoenix, but can also be retrofit to competitive makes of rear loaders. These additions give Wayne a complete product line-up for any type of residential or commercial refuse collection.

Wayne Phoenix

A high-compaction, heavy-duty, commercial rear loader.
• 20, 25 and 32 cu. yd. bodies
• 1,000-plus lb./yd. compaction rating
• 20-24 sec. cycle time
• Rugged 3 cu. yd. hopper

Wayne Fury

A light-weight, high-compaction, heavy duty residential rear loader
• 16, 20 and 25 cu. yd. body capacities
• 800-1000 lbs./yd. compaction ratings
• 20 – 24 sec. cycle times

Wayne Quantum

A new small-body rear loader with the most impressive performance features ever. 
• 6 to 10 cu. yd. body capacities
• 800-900 lbs./yd. compaction ratings
• 13 sec. cycle times
• large 1 cu. yd. hopper

Wayne Pup

Perfect for collecting refuse or recyclables in restricted public areas.
• 6 cu. yd. body
• 400-500 lb./yd. compaction rating
• 10 sec. cycle time
• Fits most Class 3 trucks/chassis






Wayne TomCat

Mid-compaction side loaders with satellite flexibility.
• 8 – 14 cu. yd. SL body
• 6 & 10 cu. yd. SSL body
• 600 – 800 lb./yd. compaction
• 17 second cycle time









Wayne Curbtender

High-performance ASL with programmable container handling.
• 20 to 31 cu. yd. bodies
• 800 – 1,000 lb./yd. compaction rating
• 15-18 sec. cycle time
• 7′ reach lift arm rated to 2,000 lbs. lift load
• Quik-Grip programmable gripper positioning



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