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Crane Attachments


logoThe Kinshofer North American assembly plant is located in the outskirts of Toronto, Canada. KINSHOFER North America assures sales and service of its full product range for North, Central and South America.

KINSHOFER, offers a wide product range suitable for kuckle booms, loader cranes and excavators. The KINSHOFER crane attachments increase the flexibility and efficiency of the respective carrier machine regardless of the industry.

With a capable team of highly qualified employees, modern manufacturing facilities, we can guarantee our customers quick and customized solutions tailored to their specific applications. Leading manufacturers of loading cranes and excavators have placed their confidence in KINSHOFER and chosen us as their OEM partner.

Brands of Crane Attachments

logoHeiden, Inc. is a privately-held manufacturer headquartered in a 40,000 square foot facility in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Our employees provide precision metal fabricating to a variety of industries including transportation, construction, agriculture, marine and government.

Our lines of uniquely engineered truck crane attachments are well known in construction, railroad, trash and scrap, roofing and wallboard industries. The product line includes hydraulically operated Clam Buckets, Dump Boxes, Roof Hoppers, as well as specialized Material Handling Grapples and Forks.

Martek Attachments


Martek LLC offers custom and standard crane attachments for knuckle boom cranes, boom trucks, drywall, shingle delivery, general construction, as well as special application industries. Our products include crane pallet forks, hydraulic forks, grapples, hydraulic clam shell buckets, munipulators, chlorine tank grapples and other specialty products.

Mecanil Saw Attachments


Mecanil offers a variety of grapple saws that can be fitted to a knuckle boom crane. Easy-to-use and lightweight grapplesaw with tilt - A safe way to remove trees in difficult places This grapplesaw is suitable for felling and removing of trees and branches, for example, in parks and near power lines etc. It has no need for any extra hydraulics and it requires a low oil torrent. It is also very easy to install.


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