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Minnesota's Cooperative Purchasing Contracts

MN State Cooperative Purchasing Contracts

Please see the list of equipment contracts below that ABM Equipment & Supply has offered for the Minnesota DOT Cooperative Purchasing Program. If you can not find the product you need please contact us at 800-229-5451

Contract Name
Contract #
Renewal Date
Air Compressors A-209(5) Active 9-30-14 Contract
Jetter/Sewer Vacuum & Hydro Excavation W-196(5) Active 2-28-15  
Vac-Con Hotshot HS 1000       Contract
Vac-Con V-230       Contract
Vac-Con V-250       Contract
Vac-Con V-290       Contract
Vac-Con VX390LH800       Contract
Pavement Repair Equipment P-961(5) Active 8-31-15
PB Loader B-4       Contract
PB Loader BC-4       Contract
PB Loader B-3-T       Contract
PB Loader B-3 SM       Contract
PB Loader B-1.5 Hot Box       Contract
PB Loader B-1.5 Slip In       Contract
Tractor, Municipal Utility T-652(5) Active 12-31-14 Contract
Truck, Light Duty, Components & Attachments T-763(5) Active 12-31-14  
Truck Toppers, Lids & Inserts       Contract
Hitches       Contract
Truck Body Components & Custom Bodies T-765(5) Active 9-30-14  
Service Bodies       Contract
Dump Bodies       Contract
Hydraulic & Controls       Contract
Options       Contract


Additional State Contract Services

ABM Equipment & Supply offer a full line of safety products, hydraulic components, attachments and truck accessories as well as repair and inspection programs. If the items you are looking for are not listed in any of the above contracts please do not hesitate to contact us to find the accessory or product you are looking for.

Please contact ABM Equipment & Supply for all of your field service, repair and remount requirements as well and visit our service page page to see a full list of services provided.