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Container Handling

ABM Equipment & Supply provides the best equipment in the industry. Our refuse container handling options are no exception. We carry products from Galbreath/Wastequip, Palfinger knuckle loader cranes and lift gates from Palfinger MBB and Tommy Gate. These products all have their place in container handling and awe are sure to have the right piece of equipment to fit your needs. We can add many value added features such as toolboxes, rear vision cameras and safety lighting to make sure you get the job done safely and efficiently.

Galbreath Refuse Container Handlers

Galbreath CH-8000 container handler
Galbreath LCH5 container handler
The CH8000 Container Handler is used for moving containers around a yard. Available with or without a rotator for emptying containers.
  • Handles front-load containers from 2 to 10 yards and rear-load containers from 2 to 6 yards
  • Back-up alarms and hoist-up alarm with  signal light
  • Available with rotator for emptying containers; 200° rotator on “R” model
  • Pintle or Reese-ready apron
  • Direct-mount pump
  • Oil reservoir (inside frame mount)
  • Inside air controls
  • Bumper with recessed LED lighting
  • Poly fenders
  • Retainer straps
  • Black two-part epoxy paint
The Galbreath Loaded Container Handler (LCH) was designed as a safer way to transport front and rear load containers. Containers are designed to sit level during transport to minimize trash spillage. The container and the center of gravity sit in front of the rear axle to maximize weight distribution, allowing safe loaded container transport at highway speeds. The Galbreath LCH can accommodate up to 8,000 lbs. and front load containers up to 10 yards or rear load containers up to 6 yards in size.  Legal overhang at the rear of the vehicle when hauling loaded containers prevents the need for an ICC bumper. 


Palfinger Refuse Container Handling Cranes

Palfinger knuckle boom crane provide the perfect piece of equipment for container and refuse cart handling truck packages. With a variety of models and capacities to choose choose from we can get you into the right piecet o fit your companies needs. We offer custom bed designs with fixed and removeable sade rails, access steps, safety lighting and toolbox storage. These trucks can also be fitted with a variety of hydraulic lift gates for roll on/off delivery and pickup options.

Listed below are a few of the popular models that we supply. We also have smaller and larger units available depending on you requirements. Call us today 800-229-5451 for you container truck needs or fill out the form below and let us know your requirements.

Popular Sizes
Palfinger PK 9001-EH
  • 6,250 #'s @10'
  • 2,975 #'s @ 20'
  • 1,810 #'s @ 30'
  • 1,025 #'s @ 40'
Palfinger PK 12001-EH
  • 7,925 #'s @ 10'
  • 3,800 #'s @ 20'
  • 2,350 #'s @ 30'
  • 1,420 #'s @ 40'
  • 840 #'s @ 50'
Palfinger PK 14002-EH
  • 9,150 #'s @ 10'
  • 4,600 #'s @ 20'
  • 2,825 #'s @ 30'
  • 1,840 #'s @ 40'
  • 1,000 #'s @ 50'


Container Lift gates

Hydraulic lift gates provide a valuable tool in the loading and unloading of refuse containers and residential garbage carts. We off a full line of tuck-under gates, rail lift gates, and cantilever lift gates from a variety of manufacturers. Capacities range from 1,500 #'s to 4,000#'s and variety of deck sizes and material.
Please contact ABM Equipment for you lift gate needs and bed designs. At ABM we also repair and service all makes and models of lift gates in our shop or with field service.

Refuse Container Maintenance Trucks

Container and cart maintenance trucks custom designed by the customer. You know what you need to get the job done and at ABM Equipment all you have to is ask for what you need and we can design your custom package with the equipment you need to keep you productive.
  • Fully enclosed bodies for indoor work space
  • Welders
  • Air compressor packages
  • Power invertors
  • Safety & work lighting
  • Lift gates
  • Service cranes and davit hoists
  • Tool storage boxes

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